Breast of chicken on the grill

Back from a few weeks vacation and it’s time to warm up the sous vide again. Warning! This will be a very short entry that will be followed by something special this weekend….stay tuned!!!

Beautiful and tender chicken breast from the Norwrgian producer Stange is on the menu.

It’s summer time and straight forward food on the plate is what matters. Transparent and clean tastes was on my mind as I prepared this dish.


Seal and vacuum a chicken breast and heat the bath to 62 degrees. Let it swim and play in the water for approximately 45 minutes followed by a quick round on the barbeque – 2 minutes on each side with high temperature.

I created a salad with finely cut tomatoes, sweet pepper, grapes and olives. Add some light roasted pine nuts and finely sliced rosemary. Add a spoon of great olive oil and a teaspoon of white wine vinegar. Season with salt and pepper.


Serve with fresh pasta and a light sauce. I chose a creamed herb sauce which I thought went really well with the light meat and pasta.


Served with an amazing Amarone from Tommasi…which wasn’t a perfect match but who cares…an Amarone is great anyway!


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Enthusiastic hobbychef exploring the endless world of gastronomia - always hungry to learn more.

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