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After numerous inquiries, I feel obliged to write this and possibly future blog posts in English (depending on feedback from the community:-)) By doing this I might reach a wider and more global crowd of gastronomics who can fully enjoy the magic produced by my «sviddå» (which by the way is the nickname of my sous vide).

Today, a tenderloin of beef took a swim for an hour in my sous vide pool. The meat was divided into nice serving pieces, seasoned with salt and pepper, a piece of butter and a few sprigs of thyme. Put them in a bag, vacuum and seal. Then submerge the bags into the water which keep a temperature of 57,5 degrees. Let it swim for 60 minutes.

While the tenderloin develops a true and «out of this world» tenderness make a puré of sweet potatoes. Peel a large sweet potato, cut in cubes, boil until tender, strain water, add a little butter, salt and pepper and a some lactose free dairy cream (since my little princess has a stomach that is not so fond of lactose). Put everything in a blender and blend to a fine puré.

Make a fresh salad with green leaves, quarter some cherry tomatoes and mix in a bit of good quality olive oil and a few drops of mango fruit condiment. Roast a few slices of bacon to heavenly crispness and let them drain on kitchen paper.

The sauce is pretty straight forward. Cut a shallot in thin slices, fry soft in oil, add bacon fat and jus from the bags. Throw in a spoon of mustard, add some dairy cream, salt and pepper…

Heat a pan with a spion of neutral oil and fry the steaks on each side for approximately 37 seconds:-)

Install the elements as you prefer and I guarantee that you will ENJOY!



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Enthusiastic hobbychef exploring the endless world of gastronomia - always hungry to learn more.

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