The Munkviks in tha Skaarlia hood

What a great Sunday dinner experience this turned out to be. Below is the invitation that was sent to the Munkviks and it certainly set off high levels of expectations, at least I thought so when receiving the text message responses. As a responsible and accountable amateur chef I had everything under control of course… While the house was invaded by curious and «eager to get to the table» guests I was well under way of preparing this three course dinner:-)


To be honest, the preparations for this symphony started the day before. At first, it felt like a smart idea to prepare the passion fruit and banana sorbet the night before. And it was …apart from the fact that my dash of lemon did not take away the banana oxidation. «We’re having brown sorbet»….unacceptable of course! Some drops of red color turned the sorbet basis into a nice pink thing and it turned out really nice:-) and a surprising twist to the guests when tasting it!

As a starter I served a cauliflower soup, followed by a Sunday roast and topped with the above mentioned homemade passion fruit and banana sorbet.

The soup first: with 6-8 guests you will need 2 cauliflowers, 1 broccoli, 1 leek, 1 yellow onion, bacon, 8 dl of vegetable stock. Divide cauliflower in small bouquets and fry in deep pan with the white part of the leek and chopped onion. Pour in the stock and let boil until cauliflower is tender. Pour info blender and blender until nice and smooth texture. Fry pieces of bacon and let it dry out on paper to great crispness. Put broccoli in small pieces in pan of boiling salted water and leave for a minute. Strain and place a few broccoli bouquets in the soup plates. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the soup over, place a couple of pieces of bacon on top and some fresh thyme.

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The main course was prepared in the «sviddaa» or my beloved sous vide supreme – a lovely Sunday roast it turned out to be. The roast was about 1,3 kg and need at least 18 hours to swim at 63 degrees. With the roast I added some good olive oil, black pepper and some garlic. Note to self: the roast could have stayed in the bath for a few more hours and maybe with slightly lower temperature. Any experiences out there?


At the same time I put sliced aroma tomatoes drizzled with some olive oil in the oven at 60 degrees. Leave them for 16 hours and you’ll get some amazing sun dried tomatoes.


A couple of hours before serving I started with the sides. Placed six small beetroots on a bed of sea salt at 175 Celsius for approximately 80 minutes until tender. Let cool a bit, peel and just before serving you add some sugar and a bit of butter in the pan. Let the pieces of beetroot heat up again.

To kick off the sauce you start with a sliced shallot. Fry in pan and add 2 dl of port wine. Reduce to 1/3. Add 5 dl of ox stock and reduce to the half. When meat is done add one dl of jus to the sauce and let boil until it thickens. Regulate taste with pepper and salt.

Make mashed potato, parsley, carrot and kohlrabi. Mostly potatoes and a bit of the others. Boil until tender, mash and season with white pepper, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add some cream and a some pieces of unsalted butter.

At this point you put approximately 20 small onions in a pan, add 50 g of sugar, some butter and 2 dl of chicken stock. Boil and caramelize.

Here’s the plate:


The grand finale which everyone enjoyed to the fullest – passion fruit and banana sorbet (which I chose to color pink only because it looked better :-)). Meat from 4 passion fruits, 6 ripe bananas, 2,5 dl milk, syrup of 2,5 dl sugar and equally amount of water. Cool the syrup and add it all int your blender. Pass it through a sieve and run in an ice cream machine to the perfect consistence. Keep in freezer until serving. Melt dark chocolate over water bath, chop variety of nuts and make a straight forward raspberry sauce (raspberry and sugar to boil until right thickness).



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